Cooper T59

1962 Mk3, T59

Original Specification

Wheelbase  7’ 5”
Track           4’3” front, 4’2” rear
Engine         BMC-XSP.  67.6mm bore x 76.2mm stroke, capacity 1095cc.
Dry sump. Single twin-choke Weber carburettor.
Gearbox      Citroen-ERSA 5 speed with 3 pairs of quick-change
alternative ratio final drive drop gears.
Sliding spline drive shafts.
Wheels        13” cast magnesium.
Brakes         9” discs.

This model was the first Cooper Formula Junior to use disc brakes and the callipers were Mini-Cooper. Although the factory continued to use some off the shelf components where practicable more and more items were bespoke, indicating a high level of financial commitment to this formula.
The much improved chassis was narrower & better braced, the wishbones were longer and the body reduced in width & height.
John Love & Tony Maggs continued as the “Cooper Twins” for another year using BMC engines in their Works Team cars, run once again by the Tyrrell Racing Organization. However the Ford was becoming very popular and a good many private teams and individuals opted for this engine, so the “twins” didn’t have it all their own way again this season.
The standard gearbox reverted to the Jack Knight modified ERSA, now in 5 speed form, the previously unpopular Renault alternative for the Mk2 being dropped.
Although MRP thinned a little overall, they continued to support the marque in some numbers and it fell to Richard Attwood to chalk up this model’s first victory, at Silverstone, the precursor to more than 30 race wins for numerous teams and privateers.
The “twins” had some good wins individually on the continent, augmented by Denis Hulme on occasion and at Karlskoga they produced another of their set piece 1st & 2nd finishes.
The 1962 season was very fruitful and more than once Mk3s were winning at three different circuits on the same day all across Europe.
The USA was a very good market for this model and several famous figures, who had supported Coopers so far, continued with the Mk3.
Tim Mayer did well, twice leading a 1-2-3 race finish and Walt Hansgen had some good wins in a Briggs Cunningham entered car, who raced his FIAT engined Mk2 Cooper himself sometimes.
Another legend in his own lifetime who enjoyed racing the excellent Mk3 was Roger Penske.
This highly regarded model sold to 11 different countries in 1962 and 30 cars are known to survive today.

1962 Cooper FJ Mk3 T59
1962 Dunboyne Ireland. Ken Tyrrell & John Love #4


Cooper T59 – Steve Smith

This car is Chassis No. FJ-14-62, supplied new to Roland Boddi in March 1962 and raced and hill climbed by him in the Scuderia Filipinetti team during 1962/63 throughout Europe at circuits such as Reims, Monaco, Monza, Clermont Ferrand, Circuito Del Garda etc. The best result came at Garda in 1962 finishing 4th. At Garda the following year, after winning his heat, Boddi crashed whilst lying 2nd behind Jo Schlesser, and was thrown from the car thus ending his racing career. The car was then rebuilt and used in the Swiss Hill Climb Championship for many years.

The car returned to the UK in 1999 and is restored to its original Scuderia Filipinetti livery and raced regularly by current owner Steve Smith.

Cooper T59 – Andrew Wilkinson

Chassis number 28 was the last official chassis released from the Cooper factory. It was purchased by David Cole who campaigned the car in period in Formula Junior, coming 3rd at Goodwood in March 1963 and 8th at Roskilde Ring in Denmark in August 1963.  Formula Junior finished at the end of 1963 and the car was raced in the Monoposto Formula in the seventies after which it was retired for a while. In the mid eighties the car was purchased by Peter Walker as a rebuild project and upon his death the restoration was completed by Alan Baillie. By this time the car had been fitted with a Ford engine and a hewland gearbox. John Harper purchased the car in 1990 and raced it for two seasons. It was then purchased by Alan McGregor in April 1992 and campaigned successfully in the popular Historic Formula Junior series for several years. Andrew Wilkinson bought the car in 2009 whereupon it was renovated again and is now continuing to be campaigned in HFJ.