Mystery Car located in Italy – thought to be an FJ?

It looks that front and rear suspension are Volkswagen/Porsche
The chassis/frame is made with many small tubes

Engine is now Fiat but does not know if it is the real original one or if maybe changed after.

Italian rudge wheels.

Do you have any of the following info? If so, please send/email/fax it to FJHRA
2000 June 24 Montlhery – grid
2001 Sept 23 Dijon Lurani – entry list
2002 Sept 23 Dijon Madunina – entry, grid, results (I’m dubious this actually took place)

Mystery FJ 1

1961 German mag . What make of chassis? Engine ID’d as BMC


Mystery FJ 2 – no longer a mystery!

1961 German mag. ID’d as a Lola Mk3. Engine ID’d as Ford


Mystery F4

Can anyone identify this car? If so, please email FJHRA – photos taken in Italy…

This Chassis was bought 30 years or so ago, which at the time was thought to be a Scirocco – it is in steel, and the square tube front part is thought to be an addition. Any ideas?


Mystery F4 – can you identify it?

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Not much is known about the history of this car. It came with imp components and has been untouched since the death of the owner in the early 1980’s.

Any info on the car’s identity or further information, please e-mail us


Positively identified as the FJ raced by Bernard Hubert from France at Cadours, Nogaro and Insbruck 1961 and entered as a Foglietti. Earlier 1960 and 1961 history still being sought

These photographs, kindly supplied by Ferret Fotographics, show a FIAT based Formula Junior found by Rob Le Rive Box and Hans Obrist in Switzerland in the 1980s. This car still exists today , but no-one has been able to identify the marquee or constructor . Help !!

It carries chassis number FJ N 1160 with engine no 950904

It was thought possibly to be a Stanguellini, but closer examination makes that very doubtful. The name Nova Special has been suggested, but again this does not stand up to critical examination.

Please pass on any factual information to us by email

Photos courtesy of Ferret Fotographics

What is known so far re the below car is;

Car was taken in exchange for a New Imperial motor cycle engine and frame from someone who is said to be a “Bugatti man”. Transaction done some time in the 80s. The chassis is said to have been exactly made to take Cooper suspension and rear drive and all the bracketry is present. It looks a bit like the Buckler presently owned by Colin Rawlinson having a similar lowering of the chassis tubes in the cockpit region and the rising to the suspension locations. However it is not indentical to Colin’s and in particular the characteristic diagonal bracing is not present. Whoever built it must have had access to a Cooper, possibly a Mk7 because the Cooper attachment points are so exact.

Any info on the car’s identity or further information, please email us.


Mystery F4 – can you identify it?

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The car was bought by Sean Moooney from Straight Six in 1986 as a vixen, which it isn’t. He then hill climbed and sprinted it in 1987 but now wants to get it out on the circuits again. So, is there anyone out there who recognizes it? If so, please contact us with information.

Lost Cars

Halson Formula Junior
LWS Formula Junior
Bennett Formula Junior [precursor to the Chevron Clubman and F3 cars]
Delta Formula Junior [designed by Lotus 72 designer; Maurice Philippe]

Lost Driver Contacts

Dennis Croft, who used to own a JP 500 F3- Last known in Newark, Notts, England…

Lost Car Photos

Pictures of the Lova wanted (to aid its restoration) – Please contact Justin Baker;

Can you help identify this?

Little is known about this Imp Engined Racing Car, other than that it is thought to have been built or the build was started in the 1960’s by an aircraft engineer but has been finished.

It has an Imp engine and transmission, square tubular chassis frame, all suspension and rear uprights are fabricated and it has drum brakes all round. It has no nose cone or engine cover.

The workmanship and all the details of its construction are to a very high standard and it certainly has been built to an aircraft spec.

The car has never been completed and appears to have never run.

Can you help identify this?

Steve Smith is trying to rebuild a mystery 500 to something like its original specification. The rear suspension is by swing axle with some professional looking wishbones at the front. The wheels are 15″ but West London style with 3 bolt fitting, possibly pre-war Morris. The pedals are held in a welded in tube with no provision to remove them and the original braking master cylinder was from a Morris Minor.The rear trailing arms had a Thompson joint welded to the end securing the arm to the chassis.

If you can identify the car, please get in touch…

Please contact Duncan with any information or answers by email: formulajunior[at]