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Renault Type 318 Gearbox Parts

Renault Type 318 Gearbox Parts available from Stock.


    Strengthened Case cast in LM25

    Selector Rod Seal

    Replacement Longer Studs

    PRICE: £220.00 + VAT each

   Machined to fit Standard Box, or Hewland conversion.


    PRICE: £108.00 + VAT


Contact; Richard Utley

Oakland Resources Ltd

Unit 12, Europark

Clifton upon Dunsmore

Warwickshire CV23 0AL

Tel: 01788 860 724

Lola gearbox plates / VW Gearbox

Lola gearbox plates / VW Gearbox

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Renault Gearbox New Crown Wheel and Pinions

Hewland mk6 crown wheel and pinions

VW gearbox

VW gearbox and driveshafts

For sale a complete early VW gearbox and driveshafts. This came out of a1965 Formula Vee APAL. It will be put up for auction on ebay soon, but offered first to a good historic motor racing home for around £300.

Contact: Erle Minhinnick;

Gear change mechanism

Gear change mechanism