FJHRA Newsflash 2020/6


I started my last newsflash just three weeks ago by saying;

“We always say it, but FJHRA really is about the family feel spirit and there was such a happy and sociable atmosphere at Race Retro, with people sharing plans for the season and looking forward to what is set to be a truly brilliant year for us.”

In the beginning there was some disappointment that events were starting to disappear from the calendar, but the energy of the world has rightly switched its focus to concentrating on protecting those precious and vulnerable people around us, by staying home and staying strong.

To those of you who have the virus, we send the very best of wishes for your return to health, to those of you with businesses and livelihoods in the balance, we send our strength, and to our friends in Italy, our founding fatherland, who have been in lockdown some time now, I am pleased that messages still arrive from you with a sense of humour.

FJ Office

I’ve always worked from home and I’m still doing just that, so if you need an ear, a giggle or a virtual hug, I’m at my desk from 10am – 4pm UK time weekdays.

I have updated our website to show which events are officially postponed as of today, and will continue to update as and when;

FJ Magazine

We already got a good start to the next FJ Magazine that was originally due out in July, so we thought we’d bring it forward and get one out to you as soon as possible instead.

If you have started some content or now find yourself with the time to write something you’ve had in mind a while,  please get in touch by return, so I can give you a print deadline!


Take care everyone, and keep smiling!